Adaptation of vehicles from our specialists

For its customers around the world, TERRACAM is able to obtain a vast choice of high-quality heavy vehicles – new, remanufactured, or used – to match every need and vocation.

Each vehicle put on the market has received a meticulous mechanical inspection and remanufacturing when necessary, to comply with our high quality standards. When required, the vehicle will benefit from functional transformation from our specialists before it is delivered, in order to meet your specific needs for your commercial activities.

Our team of specialized mechanics takes charge of adopting the vehicles chosen by our customers for the equipment that will be installed on them. Thanks to their top-notch expertise in welding, hydraulics, and mechanics, matched with their vast experience in this type of project, they offer extraordinary efficiency and precision, for guaranteed results.


Rendement, fiabilité et sécurité

When it comes to chassis modification, a change of body, or the installation or addition of any type of equipment, nothing stops the TERRACAM team. Every transformation project, as complex as it may be, is seen as an exciting challenge and a rewarding accomplishment.


The vehicles sold by TERRACAM offer very good profitability, a high level of reliability and safety, and an excellent return on investment.