TERRACAM offers a line of tourist buses of impeccable quality and legendary reliability thanks to its partnership with a leader in regional and tourism public transit. Depending on your business objectives, we propose two solutions: acquisition of a completely new vehicle or acquisition of a vehicle that has been remanufactured in whole or in part, according to your needs.


Buses built to last and to please

Thanks to the latest engineering, the use of robust construction materials, and integration of high-quality components in their manufacture, these world-class vehicles stand out for their low maintenance cost and impressive longevity, as well as for their safe driving, smooth ride, and great comfort.

There are three reasons for these extraordinary qualities:

  • A strong stainless-steel chassis that resists the elements and provides reliable structural integrity and great durability
  • Monobloc stainless-steel tubes with thick sides at strategic sites, such as window casings
  • Simplified high-quality electrical systems with less cabling and fewer modules and relays, and with sealed compartments and connectors

Innovation, design, value, and savings

The buses that we offer are designed to maximize productivity, efficiency, comfort, and safety of use. Benefitting from above-average resale value and lifespan, they have better gas mileage and lower maintenance costs than other vehicles in their category.

These vehicles are equipped with Cummins or Detroit Diesel (option) engines and a lighter, higher-yield cooling system for greater efficiency and energy savings.



A line of high-quality remanufactured buses

Built to last beyond 35 years, these top-of-the-line buses, with the best construction and finishing, retain their value and stay in excellent condition for a very long time. They can therefore have a very honourable and profitable second life for their new owners when they are properly remanufactured.

TERRACAM offers a line of tourist buses that comply with the strict North American transportation standards. Depending on your needs, they are brand-new or remanufactured in whole or in part, as needed. If this option corresponds best to your business objectives, remanufactured buses can offer excellent performance for an additional 15 or 20 years with no worries.

A very pleasant transportation experience

The vehicles are remanufactured in Canada by master mechanics and highly specialized technicians, and comply with the highest quality standards and the manufacturer’s exacting norms. Purchasing such buses, which will look literally brand-new, will guarantee you an excellent return on investment, thanks to their high reliability and impressive durability.

In addition, their remarkable qualities (aesthetic, ergonomic, and user-friendly) will enable you to present an exceptional brand image and offer your tourism clientele a very pleasant transportation experience.

Reliable vehicles adapted to your business objectives

Depending on your needs, the budget that you have allocated to acquisition of the vehicle sought, and the mechanical and structural inspection, our experts in Canada will, if necessary, see to the reconditioning of components in the drivetrain, axles, air-conditioning system, suspension, body, paint, interior cabin, and more.

High-quality replacement parts and technical support

No matter the country, you can count at any time on TERRACAM for availability of new replacement parts and remanufactured components, as well as on high-quality, efficient technical support and after-sales service.

Here is a very advantageous opportunity to acquire high-ended buses with exemplary reliability.