Training for heavy vehicle mechanics

TERRACAM has almost 400 enthusiastic experts supporting its international sales of heavy vehicles and high-quality parts. Its team offers professional technical services and training for heavy vehicle mechanics according to high-quality standards and taking integrity, discipline, and customer satisfaction into account.

Constantly evolving and always on the lookout for new technologies, the TERRACAM team enthusiastically envisages the possibility of extending its activities throughout the world by offering its services in different countries. It aims to support local transportation industries, which represent a very important aspect of regional economic development.

Favouring local employment

When it begins operations in a country, with the consent of its directors, TERRACAM favours local employment and ensures that its employees benefit from highly specialized technological training, which will make them into local experts in the sector. The objective of TERRACAM leadership is to support economic development in partner countries by energetically participating in the heavy vehicle industry through its commercial activities.

International-scale growth

TERRACAM plans to continue its international growth by establishing operations in different countries, as it has done in Cuba for 25 years on the basis of a solid commercial relationship. With its branch in Havana well established since 2000, TERRACAM is enormously optimistic about the progress of this evolving partnership that opens doors to the world.

Customized technical support

Our multidisciplinary team has been involved in vocational training for more than 20 years. It has been collaborating with a number of vocational training centres for many years.

The experts at the LUSSIER Group offer customized technical support to program managers and to trainers, and gives them access to a complete range of products and services.

  • A wide variety of parts, equipment, and teaching benches for all makes and models are put together specifically for all training needs.
  • Motors and transmissions, complete and in cross section.
  • Small-scale testing benches for braking systems with problem simulator.
  • Specialty equipment rigs for training in hydraulics and electrohydraulics.
  • Transmissions, clutch boxes, and power steering gearboxes, complete and in cross section.
  • A complete range of heavy vehicles and trailers of all sorts, new and used, out of service or having been in an accident (special rigs meeting training program specifications).
  • Diesel engines mounted on testing benches with start station and integrated problem simulator.
  • New, recycled, or accident-damaged truck cabins, complete or modified, to meet training program specifications.
  • Technical support, supervision of trainees, and teaching by experienced master mechanics.

Our objective is to respond specifically to the requirements, technical specifications, and security standards of all apprenticeship situations in the context of specific training programs, developed either by TERRACAM experts or by training centre managers.