Tourist and regional buses

TERRACAM offers a line of tourist buses of impeccable quality and legendary reliability thanks to its partnership with a leader in regional and tourism public transit. Depending on your business objectives, we propose two solutions: acquisition of a completely new vehicle or acquisition of a vehicle that has been remanufactured in whole or in part, according to your needs.

Innovation, design, value, and savings

The buses that we offer are designed to maximize productivity, efficiency, comfort, and safety of use. Benefitting from above-average resale value and lifespan, they have better gas mileage and lower maintenance costs than other vehicles in their category.

School buses

Thanks to a winning partnership with a top-notch innovative Quebec manufacturer, TERRACAM is proud to offer you a high-quality line of school buses.

Using materials that have been proven in the transportation industry, these buses are designed to last a long time with minimum maintenance. They offer a number of features that maximize safety, including a larger windshield for improved visibility and one-piece galvanized roof bows. A custom-made chassis allows for perfect integration of the body while offering wider passenger entrance, aisle, and seats. Overall, these vehicles stand out for their quality and remarkable competitive advantages.

High-quality replacement parts and technical support

No matter the country, you can count at any time on TERRACAM for availability of new replacement parts and remanufactured components, as well as on high-quality, efficient technical support and after-sales service.