A team of experts in heavy vehicles in many countries

Very dynamic on the international scene for more than 25 years, TERRACAM specializes in exporting heavy trucks, trailers, buses, machinery, equipment, components, and parts for North American makes of heavy vehicles.


Our team of 500 enthusiastic experts, along with our complementary training and expertise, share a single goal: supporting the transport industry in different countries. We collaborate with our diverse clientele to establish a supply system for heavy vehicles, parts, and components, while sharing our best practices with regard to preventive maintenance and repair of heavy vehicles. Our ultimate goals are to contribute to reducing unproductive downtime for vehicles and help our clients keep their vehicles on the road, in complete safety.


Involvement in every facet of the heavy vehicle industry

TERRACAM is involved in the complete lifecycle of heavy vehicles, from their sale as new vehicles to their dismantlement and recycling at the end of their life on the road.

Our team is formed of the best experts in the industry and in every specialization related to our sector: master mechanics, specialized technicians, parts consultants, equipment, tooling, and machinery experts, heavy vehicle consultants, supply professionals, and experts in transportation logistics and export.


Rock-solid partnerships

Constantly evolving and looking for the latest technologies, the TERRACAM team enthusiastically seeks out new trade opportunities and partnerships with companies all over the world.