Transmission of our expertise and knowledge is truly the engine of our development projects.

Transmission of our expertise and knowledge is truly the engine of our development projects. A team of almost 400 experts works behind the scenes to support TERRACAM’s international activities in the sale of heavy vehicles and high-quality parts.

The team offers complete, top-quality professional technical support services and training in heavy vehicle mechanics, meeting the best standards, and with integrity, precision, and great concern for customer satisfaction.

Constantly on the lookout for new technologies, the TERRACAM team enthusiastically envisages the possibility of extending its activities throughout the world by offering its services in different countries. We aim to support local transportation industries, which represent a very important aspect of regional economic development.

Our primary objective is to help to build a perfectly healthy transportation industry by making it so that heavy vehicles are always safe on the road.


Favouring local employment

When it begins operations in a country, TERRACAM favours local employment and ensures that its employees benefit from highly specialized technological training, which will make them into local experts in the sector.

The objective of TERRACAM leadership is to support economic development in partner countries by energetically participating in its field of expertise.

Supporting and supervising service centres

Because TERRACAM operates a number of mechanical workshops and service centres for heavy vehicles and owns a large fleet of trucks, its technical team has developed high-end expertise in the implementation and support of service centres for its international customers.

Therefore, when a company wants to install a new service centre to maintain its fleet of vehicles, the TERRACAM team can offer invaluable support.

Maximize operational efficiency

Starting with a detailed analysis of specific needs, it can then proceed with a feasibility study, advise on construction plans, define the choice and placement of equipment and tools, and maximize operational efficiency and optimize ergonomics for each piece of equipment.

Our team can also determine a fair balance among quality, efficiency, and cost for each piece of equipment needed, in order to comply with the budgetary and performance objectives of the client company. We may then take charge of identification and coding of the parts needed to maintain an appropriate stock.


A complete training program

Our technical training team, formed of experienced master mechanics, offers a full training program to local personnel, and supplies them, when required, with supervision and technical assistance for their daily activities.

An excellent parts consignment program

TERRACAM can also offer service centres a consignment program for optimal maintenance of parts, making it possible to be very efficient with supplies since all parts are ordered from a single gateway.

This kind of operation means that service centres pay for parts only when they are actually used to maintain or repair a vehicle. The service centre doesn’t have to maintain a stock of parts, which offers a very interesting financial advantage.