Hand tools, diagnostic equipment, and storage solutions

In partnership with top-notch manufacturers, TERRACAM offers its clientele a complete range of tools and equipment for professional heavy vehicle mechanics. Our product list includes full lines of hand tools, diagnostic equipment, and storage solutions for specialized workshops.

Our tool experts, along with our suppliers, are constantly on the lookout for new products and technological innovations. We are always adding new tools to our product list; our goal is to simplify things for mechanical workshops by offering a single gateway for all their needs.


High-quality tools and the latest technology

Because we operate a number of heavy vehicle mechanical workshops, the TERRACAM team has a perfect understanding of what you need in terms of tools for effective maintenance and repair of your fleet of trucks or other heavy vehicles (trailers, buses, heavy machinery). We also make sure to offer our clientele a very complete list of high-quality, late-technology tools at highly competitive prices.

Our consulting services also help to maximize the operational efficiency of our clients’ workshops and service centres around the world. TERRACAM and its technical team have developed the latest expertise in setting up and supporting service centres. The TERRACAM team can offer valuable assistance when a business is planning to open a new service centre for maintenance of its fleet of vehicles.

Therefore, you can count on the TERRACAM team to supply you with all the tools and support that your service centre needs to work on your heavy vehicles with maximum efficiency and safety, so that you can get your vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible.