Used vehicles that look brand new

The purchase and sale of used heavy and medium-size vehicles is second nature to our team of specialists, who, in addition to their export activities, successfully operate very busy points of sale in Quebec with one of the group’s subsidiaries.

With its vast inventory of high-quality used trucks of all makes and models, TERRACAM is able to provide its clientele on the global scale with heavy and medium-size used vehicles that look brand new, for all needs and every vocation.

Taking account of your budgetary and business goals, we offer you almost-new vehicles or others with a bit more seniority, which will have been checked over or reconditioned. A variety of options are offered to our clientele in different regions of the world.

TERRACAM counts on multiple supply sources for trucks within the LUSSIER Group, including the many vehicles taken in exchange when one of our new trucks is purchased, returns of our leased trucks, and our solid network of partners in the transportation industry.

That is why TERRACAM can provide you with the heavy vehicles you need at truly advantageous prices, whether it is for a single truck, a series of trucks for manufacturers, or fleets for transport companies.


Meticulous mechanical inspection, reconditioning and transformation

Each vehicle put on the market has received a meticulous mechanical inspection and reconditioning when necessary, to comply with our high quality standards. When required, the vehicle will benefit from functional transformation from our specialists before it is delivered, in order to meet your specific needs for your commercial activities.


A very good return on investment

Therefore, the vehicles sold by TERRACAM offer a very good return, a high level of reliability and safety, and an excellent return on investment. In addition, our international customers benefit from high-end, efficient technical support and after-sales service offered by our specialists. They can also count on us for availability of replacement parts and reconditioned drive-train components.

The TERRACAM team stands out for its efficiency, speed of execution, and precise work, notably for its after-sales service, but also for the preparation of trucks and their adaptation to your needs when necessary (replacement of body, change of application, modification of chassis, addition of equipment and accessories, and more).

We are constantly looking for the best heavy vehicles on the market. That’s why our inventory is so complete. However, if we don’t have the truck you’re looking for, our team will look for the model that responds to your firm’s needs and find it for you as quickly as possible.

The process involved in shipping a vehicle abroad is one of our team’s specialties. Our experts see to all stages of exporting so that your truck gets to the right place at the right time with no trouble to you.