Consulting services

The TERRACAM team offers complete professional consulting and training services for heavy vehicle mechanics at the service centres of its international clients.

The latest advice in setting up and supporting service centres

Because TERRACAM operates a number of mechanical workshops and service centres for heavy vehicles and owns a large fleet of trucks, its technical team has developed high-end expertise in the implementation and support of service centres for its international customers.

Therefore, when a business is planning to reorganize a service centre or workshop or to install a new one for maintenance of its vehicle fleet, the TERRACAM team can make an important contribution.

Maximizing productivity for heavy vehicle mechanical workshops

After performing a detailed analysis of specific needs, we proceed with a feasibility study, advise on construction plans, and define the choice and optimal placement of equipment and tools in order to maximize productivity.

Our team can also determine a fair balance among quality, efficiency, and cost for each piece of equipment needed, in order to meet our clients’ budgetary and performance objectives. We may then take charge of identification and coding of the parts needed to maintain an appropriate stock.

A complete training program

Our technical training team, formed of experienced master mechanics, also offers a full training program to local personnel and supplies them, when required, with supervision and technical assistance for their daily activities.