Remanufactured drivetrain components

TERRACAM benefits from the expertise of an experienced team for rebuilding truck drivetrain system components. Our working processes and strict quality-control procedures enable us to offer a vast inventory of engines, transmissions, differentials, and power steering units that have been remanufactured to top quality standards.

TERRACAM’s experienced master mechanics guarantee the quality, performance, and durability of our products, as well as the excellence of our after-sales service.

The TERRACAM team can supply you with totally rebuilt drivetrain components for all common North American makes and models. TERRACAM can guarantee its customers peace of mind in terms of product quality thanks to a proven complete rebuilding process and a rigorous quality-control procedure.


A wide range of products and services to meet your needs.



TERRACAM offers a range of engines adapted to your situation and your budget. Whether it is an engine reconstructed with a renovation kit or a completely remanufactured engine, we offer a number of economical and durable solutions.

  • Overhauled engine: Used engine all major components of which have been certified by our experts. The most economical solution!
  • Renovated engine: remanufactured with a renovation kit, so you can get back to work quickly at the best price.
  • Reconditioned engine: complete reconstruction of most major components according to acd the latest advances.
  • Remanufactured engine: totally dismantled and carefully reconstructed by our experts.

Transmissions and differentials

TERRACAM maintains a complete stock of all makes of transmissions and differentials, completely rebuilt.

Ready for delivery, these drivetrain components have been fully and meticulously remanufactured. They have been tested individually on a test bench with a dynamometer to ensure absolute quality.

  • Various models of transmissions and differentials from class 3 to class 8.
  • Automatic and manual transmissions from 8 to 20 speeds.
  • Heavy-duty and light-duty differentials of all ratios.

Power-steering units

A multitude of power-steering units completely rebuilt using a highly advanced technological procedure have been systematically subjected to quality-control testing under simulated heavy vehicle use conditions.

TERRACAM offers power-steering pumps and units of all known makes (Ross, Saginaw, Sheppard, Vickers Pumps, ZF,  Eaton, Luk). They are all kept in stock, ready for exporting to meet your needs.