A high-quality line of school buses

Thanks to a winning partnership with a top-notch innovative Quebec manufacturer, TERRACAM is proud to offer you a high-quality line of school buses.

Using materials that have been proven in the transportation industry, these buses are designed to last a long time with minimum maintenance. They offer a number of features that maximize safety, including a larger windshield for improved visibility and one-piece galvanized roof bows. A custom-made chassis allows for perfect integration of the body while offering wider passenger entrance, aisle, and seats. Overall, these vehicles stand out for their quality and remarkable competitive advantages.

An excellent quality of finish.
The best fuel consumption.

The buses are made with a no-leak body, which has a real impact on the comfort of both passengers and driver. They also offer excellent quality of finish, the best fuel consumption in the category, and a wide choice of commercial seats for configuration possibilities ranging from 34 to 72 passengers.

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